The 3rd DPA Contest

The DPA contest is organized by TELECOM ParisTech University. Side-channel attack techniques are publicly evaluated and compared. Participants in the 1st contest used power waveforms of a DES circuit provided by the organizer to reveal a secret key used in the DES. Participants in the 2nd contest used power traces of an AES circuit on the SASEBO-GII board. Participants in the 3rd DPA contest are required to measure power consumption or EM radiation of an AES circuit on the SASEBO-GII board by themselves to reveal a secret key embedded in the AES circuit.

This page provides the AES circuit, a waveform acquisition program, and support documents for the 3rd DPA contest. Academic participants for the third contest already competing in the 2nd DPA contest can receive a free SASEBO-GII board sponsored by Cryptography Research, Inc. Other participants can purchase the SASEBO-GII from Tokyo Electron Device Ltd.

For detailed information about the free or commercial SASEBO-GII board, please e-mail akashi.satoh AT