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Smart Urban Agriculture

Smart Urban Agriculture

  Hydroponic systems for enjoying agliculture in city

Conventional agriculture uses wide farmland in the country to aim mass production of vegetables. Our new urban aerial agriculture changes a rooftop of building into an oasis. By changing cultivation and harvest to pleasure from labor, aquiculture is changed to service business in city from productive business.

"Suspended cultivation" is a hydroponic method that cultivates vegetables overhead by circulating water in vinyl resin pipes. Various vegetable such as tomato, strawberry, and melon are cultivated simultaneously at many places such as an office building in Ginza, an hospital and an elementary school in Chofu by monitoring growing environment using wireless sensor modules.

Small amounts and many different kinds of plants can be cultivated simultaneously according to user requirement, and harvested vegetables are made into processed foods such as cake and jam in a French restaurantfor locally-grown and locally-consuming society and for six sector industry.