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Prize and Gift for DPA contest

The DPA contest is being organized by TELECOM ParisTech University to compete and improve side-channel attack techniques in public place. Now, the 4th DPA contest is underway, and the 5th contest where we plan to use SAKURA-G is coming in 2015.

Thanks to sponsorship from Cryptography Research Inc, the SAKURA-G boards will be provided as a prize to top two teams in DPA contest V4. Ten teams from academia who join in the contest V5 will also receive the boards.

Followings are the winners in DPA contest V4.

For the participants in the contest V5, the boards will be delivered early 2015. If we receive more than 10 requests, we will decide depending on their contribution to research in this area.

To obtain the free SAKURA-G, please send following information with "Subject:Free SAKURA-G" to sakura [at] mtmsystems.jp.

(1) Full name and title of applicant
(2) E-mail address
(3) Brief information about your school and department or URL
(4) Academic records in this research field
(5) Versions of DPA contest if you have participated in

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