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SASEBO Related Website

SASEBO - Hardware Security Project
Old SASEBO home page

Evaluation Environment for Side-channel Attacks
Side-channel Attack Standard Evaluation BOard support file download site

DPA Contest Website
DPA contest V3 using SASEBO-GII board is on going

Tohoku University Aoki Laboratory - Crytographic Hardware Project
Cryptographic IP cores and some tools for SASEO are available

Yokohama National University Matsumoto Laboratory
AES hardware macros with DPA countermeasure are available

SPACES Project
SASEBO-W was developed in this project sponsoerd by JST and ANR

JCMVP - Japan Cryptoraphic Module Validation Program
SASWVO-W was developed in this project sponsoerd by JST and ANR

Other Websites

CHES - Workshop on Cryptographic Hardware and Embedded Systems
The SASEBO boards are used in many papers

Cryptography Research
SASEBO-GII is used in DPA traning course

SASEBO boards are used as test modules for side channel and fault injection attacks

CRYPTREC - Cryptography Research and Evaluation Committees
Hardware perfomance of cryptographic algolithm is evaluated on SASEBO-GII

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