Management System

The open soruce houme automation system Home Assistant is installed on the microcomputer board Raspberry Pi, and the data sent from multiple sensors are stored in the time series database InfluxDB and are analyzed using the data visualization tool Grafana on Home Assistant. In addition, the flow-based programming platform Node-RED makes it possible to monitor the status of bees in real time from smartphones. The data are transfered by a lightweight messaging protoco MQTT suitable for IoT and are enrypted by SSL/TLS.

A monile router using a cheap SIM card provided by MVNO is used for data transfer in outdoor facilities where Wi-Fi is not available. The maximum number of Wi-Fi devices connected to a mobile router is usually 10, but the system allows dozens of sensor units to send data through the router by switching the units one after the other. A solar charge-controller that can be remotely operated is also under development for outdoor facilities where a power soruce is unavailabe.