Sensor Module

This sensor module is developed as a shield board plugged on top of Arduino that is a widely used microcontroller. Water level, water temperature, and EC (Electro Conductivity) as liquid fertilizer concentration are measured by a single sensor module. Its cost is greatly reduced by using a cheap ribbon cable as a main part and reducing the number of parts.

The sensor module is consists of three blocks: a sensor cable, oscillators, and selectors. At the top of the cable, electrodes for EC measurement and a water temperature sensor are attached Electro conductivity between the electrodes are changed by the liquid fertilizer concentration, and electrostatic capacitance of the cable is changed by the water level. These changes are monitored as operating frequencies of the CR oscillators, and are converted into EC and water level values.

This sensor module is developed by TROCHEwho is a distributor of SAKURA boards.


  • Techinical Documents
  • Paper (GCCE2016)
    Circuit Diagram